The best all rounder for a wide variety of tapas are ‘Fino’ and ‘Manzanilla’. A half-bottle (375ml) is perfect for sharing as an aperitif or with food.

Fino ‘Tio Pepe’ (15%)

Bone dry, with pungent lemon & almond flavours. Especially good with cured meats, cheese & seafood.

100ml        375ml

£4.25        £14.45

Manzanilla ‘Solear’ (15%)

Light & dry with delicious salty notes. Great with pre-dinner nibbles & grilled white fish.

£4.25        £14.45


A classic cocktail served long over ice. Fino sherry, lemonade & fresh citrus juice

The drink of the fiesta de Caballero in Jerez.

£4.25        £14.45