Entremese Selection (V)

 Cerdo En Salsa De Madarina 

On table before arrival.

Mandarin stuffed pork fillet roulade cooked and served in a sweet mandarin and southern comfort sauce. 

Olives, Bread, Olive Oil & Balsamic.

Habas Fritas

Spanish seasoned & fried broad beans .


Spanish style seasoned corn nuts.

 Champiñones Al Ajillo (V) 

 Pan fried garlic mushrooms. 

 Paella Mixta 

With mussels, prawns, crab, cuttlefish, squid & chicken, cooked and served in a skillet. 

 Cordero Con Pimentos 

 A Lamb, red pimento, onion & mushroom casserole. 

 Gambas Al Pil Pil 

Party Menu Selection

Served with the following two dishes 

Shelled prawns cooked in a chilli & tomato sauce, served on a bed of onions & peppers. 

 Garbanzos Con Chorizo 

Chorizo & chickpeas cooked with onions & peppers 

Patatas Bravas (V)

Roasted new potatoes with a spicy garlic & tomato and garlic mayonnaise topping.

 Ensalada Mixta (V) 

Mixed lettuce, peppers, onions, cucumber, radish, tomatoes & carrots. 

Now Please choose any eight of the following dishes for everyone in your party to enjoy.

 Macarrones Con Trufa (V)

Five cheese & truffle fusilli pasta dish. 

(Parmesan, Taleggio, Emmental, Fontina and Gorgonzola) 

 Pollo En Chillindron 

Cut breast of Barn Chicken and bacon in tomato, chilli & garlic. 

 Deep fried and breaded white bait. 


 Berenjenas Fritas (V) 

Sliced aubergine deep fried in a mixed herb batter. 

 Chorizo Frito Al Vino 

 Chorizo and pimento in red wine, cooked in a skillet. 

 Habas El Estilo Ronda 

Boad beans sautéed with onions, bacon, paprika and garlic. 

 Tortilla de Chorizo Y Cebolla 

Spanish style omelette with chorizo, potato & onion. 

 Albondigas De Atun 

Fresh tuna fishballs with pinenuts, cinnamon & fresh herbs, served in a skillet, with fresh tomato & black olive 

 Pan De Ajo (V) 

Hot garlic bread. 

 Calamares Fritos 

Deep fried fresh squid. 

 Paella De Verduras (V) 

Made with onions, pepper, mushrooms, courgette, aubergine and tomato, cooked and served in a skillet. 

 Pollo Al Ajillo 

Strips of chicken breast, chargrilled, with roasted garlic and olive oil. 

 Champinoñes Rellenos Con Espinacas Y Queso Azul V 

Mushrooms stuffed with spinach, topped with Spanish blue cheese and gratinéed. 

Dishes from the Specials Board or our À La Carte Menu may also be ordered. (These will be charged as an extra). 

If you, or any of your party, have any specific dietary needs please let us know. 

To Confirm your table, a non-refundable deposit of £5 per head is required at least 5 days in advance. Please let us have your menu choices at least 24 HOURS in advance of your booked date.