Brandies & Liqueurs

Few would dispute that Spanish Brandies are equal to any distilled spirit in the world. They come from two areas: In the Sherry triangle of South West Spain and the Penedes region close to Barcelona.  Jerez brandies are produced in column stills by the traditional Sherry Houses, with ageing in Sherry butts (barrels) using the ‘Solera’ system of blending from different years. Depending on the length of ageing, the Brandy is called Solera (min. age 6 months), Solera Reserva (min. age 1 year), or Solera Gran Reserva (min. age 3 years), although this is only the age of the youngest brandy in the blend: many Gran Reservas, for example, are aged for a minimum of 10-12 years, and a fraction of the blend can include ‘soleras’ as old as 100 years! The solera creates a brandy that superbly balances oak ageing with a caramel/toffee sweetness.

Brandy de Jerez

Soberano 5 'Solera Reserva' (36%)


Sweet, smooth and full bodied. Fragrant, touch of oak mixed with nuts.

Magno 'Solera Reserva' (36%)

Rich brandy with a sweet body, hints of ripe plums, wood flavours & some vanilla and caramel tones.


Gran Duque D'Alba 'Solera Gran Reserva' (40%)

Aged in Oloroso casks to a fine balance of plum & prune aromas and hints of nuts & ripe fruit on the palate.


Cardinal Mendoza 'Solera Gran Reserva' (42%)

Full-bodied Spanish brandy, with sweet, flavours and hints of sherry and oak.


Conde de Osborne 'Solera Dali Gran Reserva' (40%)

Dry, with nuances of oak, vanilla and oloroso sherry. Lingering aftertaste.


Le Panto 'Solera Gran Reserva' (36%)

Fragrant aroma with hints of vanilla, oak, raisins, spice and dry sherry. Very complex.


Le Panto Oloroso Viejo 'Solera Gran Reserva' (36%)


Powerful nutty bouquet, on the palate, aged in Oloroso barrels. It is warm and persistent.

Le Panto Pedro Ximinez 'Solera Gran Reserva' (36%)

An elegant brandy, silky smooth, exquisitely pleasing to the palate, aged in PX barrels.


Brandy de Catalunya

Torres 10 'Gran Reserva' (38%)


Intense spicy bouquet, rounded and rich in tannins with a lush finish revealing aromatic oak overtones.

Torres 20 Hors d'Age Brandy (40%)

A long aged Spanish grape brandy, made from Parellada and Ugni Blanc grapes and aged in Limousin oak barrels for a deep mahogony colour and rich flavour.


Torres Jaime 1 Reserva de La Familia (38%)


Complex bouquet, with marked overtones of coconut, dried fruits and spices. Well rounded and full, it has the smoothness that characterises great brandies. Complex, majestic, with a lingering finish.

Licores de Espana / Spanish Liqueurs

Crema Catalana (17%)

Creamy, smooth and sweet – hints of cinnamon and vanilla. Great over Ice.


Licor 43 (31%)


Vanilla and citrus with 43 herbs. Great over Ice.

Ponche Caballero (25%)

Brandy, sherry, oranges, herbs and a hint of spice. Great over Ice.


Anis del Mono Dulce (36%)


Sweet aromatic aniseed based liqueur. Served Chilled.

Zoco Pacharan Navarra (36%)

Aniseed based liqueur flavoured with slow berries. Served Chilled.


Licor de Hierbas Pazo (32%)


Galician liqueur blended with aromatic herbs. Served Chilled.

Aguardiente de Galicia (42%)

Spain’s ‘eau de vie’ or Grappa from Galicia. Served chilled.