If wine is the drink of moblemen then fino is the drink of the gods!
Don't disregard fino or sherry as Nan's tipple at Christmas, it truly is a fine treat and
wonderful compliment to food. Be adventurous and try aglass or bottle with your meal.
from the bone dry to the exceptionally sweet go on its a treat!

Alfonso (18%) - 50ml 


Oloroso sherry is the product of purely oxidative ageing. The wine is in contant with oxygen for 8 years which result in rich mahogany colors & its characteristic complexity. Here you'll enjoy flavours of fruits, earthy notes leading to a veary smooth finish.

Solera 1847 (18%) - 50ml


This is a cream sherry or Oloroso Dulce. Sweet Pedro Ximinez wine is blended with dry Oloroso to give us something between the two styles. This is the style we associated with 'Granny's Flavorites'. however this the real deal using PX instead of being sweetened by inferior methods. A sweet, nutty flavours of oranges & flags will be enjoyed here.

Nectar PX (15%) - 50ml


100% Pedro Ximinez produced from grapes left out in the sun for weeks before fermented, which concentrates the natural sweetness. Chocolate, fig, prune & raisin dominate the flavors with lashings of coffee tool! Try with vanilla ice cream.

Del Duque (21.5%) - 50ml

£6.50   Bottle (375ml)   £45        

This sherry spends its first 4 years as Tio Pepe before spending a further 4 years in the Vine AB solera system before finally being transferred to the Del Duque solera for 22 years! It a bone dry aged sherry, offering an incredible concentration of flavors from decades of oxidation & evaporation. Dry orange peel, hazelnuts & caramel.

Apostoles Palo Cortado/PX (20%) - 50ml

£9.00   Bottle (375ml)   £65        

To produce this wine, palomino grapes & PX graapes are pressed, fermented separatly & both then spend 12 years in separte soleras before being blended. At this point they enjoy a further 18 years together harmoniously in the Apostoles solera. Although appearing sweet on the nose, this sherry is medium dry on the palate with flavors of fig & raisin balanced with caramel, vanilla & walnut

Matusalem Oloroso/PX (20.5%) - 50ml

The Oloroso & PX spend 15 years in their own soleras before being together to spend afurther 15 years in the matusalem solera. This is a beautifully sweet Oloroso with profound flavors of dried fruit & spices. Perfect with cheese or a dessert.

£9.00   Bottle (375ml)   £65        

Noe PX - 50ml (15.5%)

This wine is 100% Pedro Ximinez. The grapes are harvested & left to bake in the sun for up to 4 weeks before pressing, Which yields small quantities of very concentrated, sweet brown nectar. The wine spend 30 years in the Noe solera
before bottling. At 450 grams per litre of residual sugar, its is one of the sweetest wines in the world! A dessert in its own right!

£9.00   Bottle (375ml)   £65