Cuban Classics

Our Cocktials Have a Minimum Of 50ml Alcohol Contant

Classic Daiquiris £8.25

One of Cuba's most popular classic, & a fond favourite of famous writer Ernest Hemmingway
Havana Club Especial Rum - Lime juice - Sugar
Why not try our Stawberry or Raspberry Daiquiris?

Mojito £9.25

The Mojito is the epitome of a refreshing drink.
One of our signture serves, This Cuban classice is bound to put mojo back in your day!
Havana Club Especial Rum - Fresh Mint Leaves - Lime - Brown Suger
Muddied and stirres through crushed ice.

Cuba Libre £8.25

The Cuba Libre was invented in 1902 when Cuba had won independence from Spain! All around Soldires were drinking and chanting 'Cuba libre' meaning Free Cuba!
Havana Club Especial rum - fresh Squeezed Lime - Coke
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The Cubanito £8.95

This Lesser-known cuban Classic is Creative take on the bloody Mary. It is a refreshing aperitif using rum instead of vodka!
Havana club 3 Year - Tomato juice - Tabasco - Lemon Juice - Worcestershire Sauce - Celery - Bitters - Black Pepper -Salt

EL Presidente £9.25

Originally made in Hava 1910 for Nario Garcia Menocal. Considerring Mario did not become EL Presidence until 1913, many like to think the popularity of this drink had given him a helping hand
Havana 3 Year - Martini Extra Dry - Martini Rosso - Cointreau - Grendadine

The Cuban ginger £8.25

A Classice Havana club remix on the cuba Libre.
Mixing the complex vanilla notes of Havana Esp with Ginger ale and Apple!

If you love a Libre try yourself a Ginger
Havana Club Especial rum - fresh Squeezed Lime - Apple juice - Ginger Ale