Signature Cocktails

Our Cocktials Have Minimum Of 50ml Alcohol Contant

Basil & Cucumber South Side £9.25

Referhing and surprisingly boozy! The basil south side is perpect for those easy drinkers who enjoy the siplicity of their drinks!
Hendricks - Lime Juice - Fresh Basil - Fresh - Cucumber - Lemonade

Puesta Del Sol £8.95

Spanish for 'Sunset' The cheeky Tikki Combination will definitley have you trandported to some of the most beautiful sunset around.
Sailor Jerry - Passionfruit Syrup - Orange Juice - Lime Juice - Passoa

Strawberries & Dreams £8.75

Another Beautiful refershing number! Made with fresh Strawberries & White Rum. What more can you Ask for?
Havana 3 Year - Lime - Fresh Strawberry - creme De Fraise - Lemonade

Chocolate Orange Martini £9.75

One of the most Universally Loved Combination of Chocolate & Orange infused togather with a Hint of Espresso to Create a Hearty Twiist on an Espresso Martini
Vodka - Homemade Orange Syrup - Chocolate - Bitters - Cointreau - Espresso - Chocolate - Shavings

Mango and Chili Martini £8.95

Spice up you weekend with this cheeky slice of adventure. Feeling Brave? Ask your bartender for a few extre slice of chilli
Absolut Mango - Mango Syrup - Lemon Juice - Mango Juice - fresh Chili

Southern Smooth £9.25

A perfect Blend of Peach, Aprieot & Mint. Smashed togather with a Helping Handful of Limes which helps to create this very special Majite.
Homemade Peach Puree - Southren Comfort - Mint - Lime - Brown Suger - Soda

Blood Orange Cosmo £8.95

One of Our Favourite Twists on a Well-Laved Classic & One of Our Most Popular Treats!
Home Infused Citron Vodka - Triple Sec - Blood Orange - Cabberry Juice

Black Forest Martini £9.25

A rich & Creamy treat made with a splash of Brandy & Homemade cherry syrup. A classic desert cocktail.
Barndy - Licor 43 - Homemade Cherry Syrup - Milk - Cream

The Bold Venture £9.25

A perfect pairing of bourbon & cherry combined togather to create a truly beautiful twist on a whiskey sours
Makers Mark - creme De Cassis - Lime Juice - cherry Bitters - Homemade cherry Syrup - Aquafada made with Aquafada *Vagan*

How'd You Like These Apples £8.95

We like them with Bourbon & We think you will like them too!
Makers Mark - Disarano Amaretto - Lemon Juice - Apple Juice - Grenadine